How I started my business


I'm Emily

Let me tell you a story…

6 years ago I had already set up my brand 'Storklings', and I had a small amount of stock of my soft toys. I had made a few sales through social media and my own Shopify website. Reviews had been great.


It wasn't enough. I didn't feel like my brand was taking on the world. It just wasn't visible enough.

I tried paid ads, SEO for my website, even dabbled selling them on EBay.

Then I discovered selling on Amazon. Something I only thought was available to big brands.

I took the leap and decided to set up an Amazon Seller Account. Great, but when I looked at the system, the behind the scenes and what it took to get my products actually up and selling, I became very overwhelmed. But I stuck with it and spent hours up on hours learning. This learning did not stop for a few years. I knew the world's biggest selling platform would put my products in front of millions & millions of active shoppers, ready to buy. But learning the whole Seller Central system was HARD!

I made lots of (sometimes very expensive) mistakes, but eventually I became an expert. So much so, I took my brand internationally (currently selling in 15 countries).

I wish at the start of my Amazon Selling journey that I had someone who could walk me through the whole process, give me advice, show me exactly what to do and hold my hand as I set everything up.

This is now exactly what I do for my clients and what I can do for you.

Have a look at different ways I can help to elevate your brand and get you set up and selling on Amazon.

Let’s work together to really grow your business. I’ll teach you, step by step exactly how to do this. Together we’ll get some amazing results (translates to lots of sales!).

Get results like these



Selling on the Amazon platform can be difficult to navigate, with lots of rules to follow. If nothing else, please read my free ‘MUST KNOW’ information sheets


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